Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Trunble Low-Security Prison essays

Trunble Low-Security Prison essays Trunble low-security prison, located in a backwater of Florida, is home to a trio of former lawyers. The self-styled Brethren, comprising a Federal Judge, a Justice of the Peace and a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, arbitrate on behalf of the jail's inmates. Their daily meetings in the law library provide a cover for a highly successful mail scam: advertisements are placed in the personal columns of gay publications asking middle-aged men to correspond with young men. Those who reply are then blackmailed with the threat of exposure, thus potentially ruining their careers, their marriages and their social standing. Thousands of miles away in Washington it is election time. Teddy Maynard, chief of the CIA, hatches a plan to secure the presidency for a candidate of his own choosing, and Congressman Aaron Lake from Arizona seems the perfect choice. A new hardline leader is emerging in Russia and so Maynard determines to groom Aaron Lake to take on this thread to US security. Thus an obscure senator finds himself with unlimited financial backing as he makes a bid to become the world's most powerful leader. His election message, that America is vulnerable to attack, is reinforced by a series of terrorist bombings. The ensuing deaths of many Americans is the catalyst for Lake's rise to fame. How the world of political rivalry and the machinations to three disgraced judges collide, draws The Brethren to its exciting climax. ...

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