Sunday, November 3, 2019

Brand building for facilitating the launch of Dogerita mineral water Essay

Brand building for facilitating the launch of Dogerita mineral water - Essay Example People are bombarded with advertisements and a wide variety of brands to choose from. As competition is fierce in an age where there is plenty to choose from, companies need to find ways to create a niche and to improve its brand in the market. It is no longer sufficient to just provide a product. The German Share Company must find ways to stand above the rest in a global business environment that fights for the consumers' money and loyalty. In order to do this, it must develop a brand and a brand strategy. a brand is also considered to be a trademark or a product line. It is a distinctive name which addresses, or identifies, a product, service, or a manufacturer. People purchase a certain brand in order to acquire a distinctive category and to show ownership of the brand that they favour. The name of the organization can also serve as a brand. As stated earlier, the value of a certain brand is determined by how it is perceived by the target audience and the marketplace. After defining the brand, the company must develop a strategy of branding, or a brand strategy. This process consists of coming up with a foundation (a basis) in which to work from. It is a guideline and a system of measuring all marketing strategies and resources/materials. It is a way to deliver the brand strategy, or promise to the target audience.

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