Friday, November 1, 2019

Three Google Apps Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Three Google Apps - Essay Example However, if the intended person contacted or sent to a message is offline, he or she will receive the message when he or she goes online (Darbyshire, 2010).Second, the Google Docs is a free Google application and an online word processor that is web-based and allows for creation, editing and online storage of documents and spreadsheets. There is access to the files, documents, and spreadsheets, created, edited, and stored online using computers provided there are full-featured web browsers and an internet connection. Google Docs both create and format text documents and enables for collaboration with other people in real time. Google Docs allows one to perform such functions as uploading a word document and converting the document to a Google document. In addition, Google Docs allows the users to add formatting and flair to the documents by adjusting colors, spacing, margins, and fonts. Moreover, Google Docs enables people (the users) to invite other people for collaboration purposes on a document edit, review, or access (Darbyshire, 2010). Third, Google sites are the tools for the creation of web pages for the purposes of providing work productivity suites. Google sites enable all people to create sites that are team-oriented where anyone can collaborate and share files with one another. In the Google sites, people can collaborate and work together to add information and file attachments from other Google applications such as YouTube, Picassa, Google Docs, and Google Calendar (Darbyshire, 2010).

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