Thursday, November 21, 2019

Geographic Information Systems Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Geographic Information Systems - Research Paper Example This computerized system would ease the timely calculation of the organization’s payroll and with very little chance of any errors in those calculations. If witnessed on a larger scale, there is a number of information handling requirements of organizations. Every organizational level within a business needs certain information in order to execute the set of processes at that level. Managers at the higher management level need to make decisions for which they need results of reports and data analysis. This enables them to successfully embed the processed information into their decision making procedures. Likewise, managers at the middle managerial level would need more simplified information that would enable them to keep an eye over the day to day ongoing business activities. Thus, it may well be said that the execution of a full day of business processes running within an organization requires the operating of a number of information systems simultaneously each of which woul d cater to the specific requirements at each organizational level. Following is a narration of a specific type of information systems termed as the Geographical Information Systems. The narration has been done in first person. GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) My name is Geographical Information System. I am a perfect example of practically implemented Information systems. WHY AM I IMPORTANT (WHY IS A GIS IMPORTANT?) The geography of land on which human beings live is of immense importance to them. Ever since the ancient times of the human society these living beings have looked up locations of areas to analyze the possibility of presence of prey in that particular area. The early hunters based their living on moving from one location to the other. Geographical importance of land and the details of its terrain have been of integral importance to man since centuries ago. Maps, spatial information have been the source of discovery and planning since times unknown. Geographical ma pping is the most integral use of the geographical information at hand. Looking up the route to a particular location is among the most basic ways in which geographical information helps. Spatial information, on the other hand, affects the most basics of human society such as the growing up of crops, the production of energy, the making of clothes worn by man. With the discovery of computing technology all the geographical and spatial information was put to even better use. It was possible only after the integration of computing technology that my creation was planned. My development was aimed as the making of a tool that would be able to assist human beings with the geographic knowledge associated with themselves and their belongings. I am designed to help in the gathering and use of spatial data. I embed within myself certain technological features such as advanced networking abilities for establishing effective and timely communication, space age data collectors for maintaining a ny data collection in massive databases for future use and other highly sophisticated and intricate computing features. My capabilities and features continue to evolve with the passing of time since technological advancements are rising on a very rapid rate. These ever-developing technological changes are making my systems more enhanced with every passing unit time. The basic

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