Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 16

Business - Essay Example There are many things wrong with the IT department throughout the company. Because, the company acquired many other companies during the 1990s, the company lost touch with the IT department. Because, prior too now the company lacked a Chief Information Officer (CIO) the company has had a haphazard IT department. The current position of the IT department is the possible cause of lost revenue the company has been faced with. Only after Horizon 2000 was implemented was it discovered that it is almost impossible for someone in Detroit, Michigan to adequately receive information from someone working for the company in Taiwan. If the company cannot adequately, and efficiently share information throughout the company, the company will begin to lose revenue. The company loses revenue through the loss of accounts. The company loses accounts, because orders are being shipped untimely. Only when the company begins to implement a new Information Technology department will the company began to prosper again. The competitors have an advantage over the company, because the competitors have their IT departments organized. The competitors do not necessarily have more accounts than MDCM; but the competitors do have an advantage over the company; because, these companies are able to share information on a timely basis. Because, the competitors can share information on a timely basis, the competitors are able to fill customers’ orders in a timely manner. If MDCM were able to fill customer orders in a timely manner, MDCM may have an advantage over the competitors. When MDCM lost those four counts within 12 months, the company not only lost revenue, but the company lost these accounts competitors. When Max McMullen as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MDCM in 2000 he discovered some of the sales staff were competing against each other for the same account, MDCM, Inc. Information technology strategy synchronization, (4). This is why him McMullen decided to implement Horizon

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