Thursday, September 26, 2019

Student survival guide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Student survival guide - Essay Example Actions plans are required in the present times since there is so much work that a student does. He does not get the time to study in an age of Internet and changing technological regimes. He is surrounded with so much information that studies seem to take a back step, which by all accounts is an unfortunate thing to know. A student must understand that finding the much needed information and data which could assist with his studies is indeed a task that he has to take on his own and this he could do in an effective manner if he knows which libraries he can access the information from and in what manner this search could be made possible in an effective and efficient way. For this to happen, he must ensure that he is well read with the Internet and knows how to use this technological superpower which has hit the academic world like any other, in the times of today. If he knows how to conduct correct search of data and information on the Internet, then he knows how to devise a proper plan for his studies and this indeed is half the job done and that too in a good enough manner. Personal action plans are devised in a manner that makes best use of the library searches so as to get the most productive and up to date information which is needed and these plans look at the maximization of resources as much as possible. What this means is the fact that conducting one such successful library research is the basis of extracting the needed information in the wake of knowledge acquisition and the eventual development of details related with the student’s resource. Also there must be a lot of emphasis on finding the websites which provide authentic information and not mere hearsay. This can be made use of by employing the search engines and the genuine e-libraries which are present on the World Wide Web. Academic honestly must be upheld at all times by the students so that they learn something constructive with the passage of time and

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