Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Human Resources Department of NL&C Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Human Resources Department of NL&C - Essay Example Given the recent issues of NL&C's human resource management, all effort must be made to comply with federal and state law while clearly defining the company's expectations for each position. Clearly, "the law allows the employer to establish the basic job requirements and work standards-as long as those criteria do not discriminate based on the protected classifications found in federal and state employment discrimination laws." (Fick 19) The job descriptions and employee manual will protect NL&C from any litigious misunderstandings with future employees. Second, the company needs to quantify its diversity goals. Given the need for bi-lingual employees in the call center, clear diversity recruitment goals will assist the department in maintaining a workforce representative of the varied cultures we serve. Further, articulated diversity objectives will be evidence that management is aware of the need to reflect community populations, include represented minorities in its labor force, and is proactively addressing any deficiencies. We know from research that our website will be a good source for recruitment because when "...diverse candidates hear about a position, the first thing they do, says Susan Oxford, AIRS senior director of training, research and development, is check out the company's Web site to see if it's diversity friendly" (Bennett 2). Therefore, we will instruct our web designer to immediately place a "Job Openings" section on the site and include text regarding our diversity policy. Online Job Posting One of our most effective approaches to obtaining the best candidates for the 50 positions we are filling will be online sources. In addition to our corporate website, we can make the "online world [our] recruiting partner" by using college student career centers, state workforce development programs, non-cost online job banks, and other sources (Heathfield). Once our recruitment ad is approved, we will disseminate this information to as many online sources as possible. Local media advertising The most obvious primary source for recruitment will be a classified ad in the regional and local newspapers. This will provide NL&C with a locally-based response so that potential employees may be interviewed and trained as quickly as possible. In addition to these primary sources, we will be focusing on two additional and specialized recruitment tools. Specialized Sources (Bi-lingual) In-house referrals We will immediately poll our current roster of Hispanic and minority employees to solicit applications from their associates. We know that: Employee referrals top every recruiter's list as the best way to get good new employees, but referrals are underutilized in diversity recruiting, says John Sullivan, head of the human-resource program at San Francisco State University. "Seek out your diverse employees," he says, "and encourage them to recruit from their relatives, diverse colleagues at other firms, professional associations, religious groups and social

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