Thursday, September 12, 2019

The United States of America should legalize marijuana Research Paper

The United States of America should legalize marijuana - Research Paper Example Legalizing marijuana will contribute enormously to the economic growth of the US (Ingraham 3). The money generated from marijuana in most of the states in the US not taxed since it is considered illegal. Legalizing marijuana will make it taxable and, therefore, its contribution to the economy will be felt. In addition, money paid to officers by marijuana peddlers as bribes will be channeled to useful government projects. In essence, legalization of marijuana will aid in fighting corruption in the police force since all dealing in marijuana will be known to the government. Actually, Illegalization of marijuana is some states has resulted in the increase of black market activities. Marijuana peddlers earn enormous profits and it is almost impossible for them to stop the trade despite limitations by law. Apparently, the black market is harmful to the economy since there exist no apparatus to measure its revenue generation and benefits to the traders (Ostrowsk 12). Some people have criticized the legalization of marijuana by the federal government arguing that it will encourage the use of other drugs. Such kind of thoughts are fallacious and misleading. Through legalization, the government will have control of the use of marijuana. In addition, the government will have control over the quality of production. In this regard, the federal government should consider legalizing marijuana in order to have control over its use and production. In essence, legalizing marijuana can be very helpful in reducing overproduction and abuse by the young people. Sometimes people tend to engage in drug abuse to be against the law. In this case, legalizing marijuana will aid in making such people stop the practice since it would not appear illegal. Eventually, the use of marijuana will be reduced by a significant percentage. The number of

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