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Career management in business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Career management in business - Essay Example In the changing demands by businesses in the modern era, career management is a necessity to adapt to the changing environmental demands. The mode in which careers are studied in the organizational context take the form whereby careers are shaped by organizations and they as well shape themselves up through both theoretical and systematic approaches (Denison, 1996). It is often interesting to realize how the day to day work around companies and businesses are based on technology hence the way in which work is conducted around such work places is highly altered. It is also worthwhile to realize how scientists are on the rise in terms of numbers hence the crop of modernization is likely to go up. To cope up with all theses changes at the work place it is advisable to therefore be necessary to keep our knowledge current and skills (Arthur, Inkson & Pringle, 1999). II. The Career Management Practices in use today To mange an employee’s career plan successfully so as to achieve the necessary development some of the following practices may be adopted. First, provide the employees with career planning workshops while conducting constant assessment on them. The managers should be placed under career workshops. Employee career centers can be created within the organizations to encourage employees to constantly go for performance check (Fombrun, Tichy & Devanna, 1984). The management can also give open career briefing to enable the employees have a chance of planning their careers. These can be within a defined timeframe or through the relevant media to ensure that there is no lapse at all. Furthermore, a team of internal network of information providers so that information can always reach the parties concerned of for example the nature of work and their job qualifications. The internal job and talent banks ought to be maintained since it enables employees to frequently peruse through which employees learn about open positions and the skills required from them. O ther practices include: - establishment of individual learning accounts, starting a mentoring program formally as they are effective in ensuring employee retention by quite a big percentage (Ghoshal & Bartlett, 1997). III. Why organizations should implement supportive career management practices There are numerous reasons as to why it is appropriate for organizations to adopt and implement career management practices most so due to the changing work environment and dynamic workforce. Firstly, such practices enable the employees take charge of their careers by in the first instance assessing their abilities, interests and values. Such practices will enable the employees engage in planning process where they dig deep into the organizations needs hence determining the future options for the organizations and how to prepare for them. Secondly, through the career management practices, managers in many business organizations are able to learn how to support and reward employee efforts thr ough becoming familiar with their career assessment and planning process hence practicing vital techniques of career planning. Thirdly, career management practices can create a situation in the organization where services become automated and modernized hence able to incorporate all round feedbacks, competency assessment, confidential counseling, career management and resilience training (Gratton, 2000). Furthermore, career management

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